" I've had the good fortune of having grown up watching good films", says Ritu. Right from the beginning, she was exposed to good films like CHOKH, TAHADER KATHA and PATHER PANCHALI since her family members never used to watch commercial films. Their taste was always very 'arty’. This introduced her to the world of good films.

Ritu's uncle, Dr Indrajit Sengupta was another person who had a major influence on her. He was a good writer and besides encouraging her to write, also helped her develop her writing skills. Her columns used to appear in Anandabazer Patrika. She used to write for Bangladesher Hridoy and Anandalok. Speaking about her writings, she says, "I wrote more often when I was younger but now my writing has become more sporadic. Most of my writing, both in Bengali and English is very personal and has not been published."

Ritu's Career