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Samrat Good
Hi Didi, Being a great fan of yours I would like to first of all thank you a lot for having created this lovely site of yours. Atleast after waiting for a long time we have got the oppurtunity to interact with you. Me being a visualizer would personally feel that its a wonderful way of reaching to the bottom of yours fans heart. I wish I could have got the oppurtunity to design your site. " I would have given the best of my CREATIVE".........regards Samrat 9830222343
Neel & Pari (Twins) Excellent
Aunty amra dujan bhai-bon chotto 4 bachar o hoi ni..amader babi r maa sedin tomar "Aalo" dekhtey dekhtey khuuuub kandchilo,amarao kanu korechi..tumi keno amar babi k kasto dao? tomakey na amader mayer moto dekhte..Hi Hi..bhalo theko, ashirbad koro..Rabindranagar-18
Raj.. Excellent
hi there ritu...., flicking channels once day i saw this move on star, cud recognise Rajpal and K.K in it but was unable to find out who the lady was, well like the movie, patiently waited till the movie got over to check the credits nd found out ur name, googled u and lo behold saw ur site, called a few of my bong pals and had to ask about you, now i got to tell you that u are an amazing actress ,u looked very comfy being glamourous and being the home maker too...u have a very strong screen presence too, i am a part time move maker(hobby) based out of india and wud love to talk to u someday...keep doin a great job.....and this is a lovely website....period...
Mrs Tinku R Gupta Excellent
Madam, I am a Freelance Journalist associated with a number of publications. It would like to have an exclusive interview from you at your convenience. Your website has provided me with a lot of useful information but some questions remain unanswered. I do not know whether you will actually view my mail or not but if you do, please send me a test mail so that I can mail you my story line featuring you for a Bangalore based lifestyle magazine and my questionnaire. I have noted you mail id and shall also send you a mail in this regard. Please advise whom I should contact for an appointment. One suggestion which I wish to make is in Mr Prosenjit Chatterjee's official website his contact address has been displayed. If you could include a similar web page with relative details it would be of great help. Thanking you and hoping to hear from you favourably Yours truly (Mrs) Tinku R Gupta (M) 9903804846
Swapnil Nagvekar Good
I saw u while u were shooting the film Agaah , in Ratnagiri, My frnd who played role of terrorist in Agaah , were discussing about ur age , they told me ur age is between 20 to 25 , so how beautyful u r , I am waiting for ur reply on my e -mail id
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