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sdsh Excellent
Hi Ritu di. How are you? Kal tomay Sera Bangalir manche nachte dekhlam. Darun nechecho. Nivedita khobor diyechilo bole jante perechilam ar bondhu der o janate perechilam. Thanks to her. Tobe jodi kichu mone na koro ekta kotha bolbo? Tomar bon Nivedita ekhono BABY. She is crazy about you. Na hole o kal tomar nach dekhte pareni bole phn a ovabe kadto na. Satti o kono din boro hobe na. O thik tomar motoi sweet. Tomader relation ta dekhle hingsha hoy majhe majhe. Jai hok, Nivedita bollo tomar next film August a asbe. Tai? Ato deri? Sei kobe Trishna dekhechi. Tara tari ekta film release korao na hall a. Good by. Take care Ritu di. Beauty.
sucheta ghosh Excellent
very good evening ritu di! hope you are absolutely doing well ..! must be extremely busy with your new projects ? right ? let me tell you mam .. your performance( in science city auditorium that is in SERA BANGALI) with hiran chatterjee had been simply superb and yes i really appreciate you and all the tolly stars for coming forward for this great cause that is to help out the victims of AYLA .. hatts off to you all mam! be happy .. keep smiling as you do ..
omar Excellent are an angel.As a african native from west africa,I alway loved hindu movie and singer(asha bosle),But sinc I saw Main meri..I knew you are the new star.Good luck.Your husby is lucky! Fraternaly.Omar from africa !
Diren Good
hi ritu!! i first came across u in that hindi movie main meri paatni aur voh...u blow me away...what plans do have in bollywood? this industry can give u a bigger platform 2 work with...Also do u have any plans 2 come 2 my country..thanks
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